Business Development:

1. A global supplier of environmental systems with no presence in Asia engaged us to develop a network of partners - licensees and agents - to extend their reach into Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. We assisted the client in the search as well as in training & supporting their partners for a period of three years.

2. A German manufacturer of a unique friction-reducing product used our services to simultaneously develop the market for their product in India and the U.S. Working with our associates, we made contacts with major OEM's as well as distributors to develop product awareness, arrange for demonstration trials & lab testing and train distributors.

3. A U.S. based early-stage start-up engaged us to conduct a market study for their portable solar powered water purification system designed for remote off-the-grid and third-world use. This included a study of competitive technologies & suppliers, review of different funding models, etc.

Investor Support Services:

We assist investors with business evaluations and in-depth reviews of companies:

1. A venture Capital Group hired us to evaluate a Biological Air Purification business in the U.S. Our report included a review of EPA regulations that create the market for the company's systems, a review of the technological challenges faced in different applications, comparisons with competing technologies & growth forecast.

2. A Private Equity Group retained our firm to provide a detailed report on an industrial equipment manufacturer's worldwide operations, structure & business history/forecasts. The background of our principals as well as access to our overseas partners allowed us to evaluate the company's global operations and to provide the investor with an accurate assessment of their value.